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Our History

Catalina Investments

The esteemed American economist George Gilder once said, “Capitalism begins with giving. Not through greed, avarice or even self-love can one expect the rewards of commerce, but from a spirit closely akin to altruism, a regard for the need of others… Not taking and consuming, but giving, risking and creating are the characteristic roles of the capitalist.”

One of the biggest goals shared by all of Catalina Wealth Managements' associates is to serve people from all walks of life in order to dramatically change their lives, through comprehensive financial planning. The company was founded in order to better serve the client by providing appropriate and effective financial services. For instance, Catalina Wealth Management does not have a proprietary product, which is in the best interest of the consumer, because we do not report to a big corporation but instead to the client.

While Catalina Wealth Management is locally owned and geared toward serving Arizona residents, the associates make frequent visits to our Strategic Alliance offices in New York and around the country. Many of our Strategic Alliance Partners have been around longer than Catalina Wealth Management, so we have a careful process through which we find and accept new partners that can best meet our clients’ needs.

Over the years, the company has undergone many changes, including the joining of a new partner in 2012, Otto Bohon. Otto is a Tucson native who came from the wealth management division at Wells Fargo. He worked in the restaurant his  family owns starting at age 9 but decided not to pursue the family business when he discovered his passion for finance and helping people pursue their financial objectives. Otto received his MBA in 2011 and is the current President of Catalina Wealth Management.  

One of the principles of Catalina Wealth Management is constant education. Through quarterly conferences and due diligence meetings, we identify ways in which we can stay current and adapt to the changing market. We welcome change and are constantly looking for ways to advances our processes. Phones, TVs, and cars aren’t the same as they were twenty years ago, so why shouldn’t your investment plan be brought up to the twenty first century?

Today, Catalina Wealth Management is led by a number of knowledgeable associates dedicated to hard work, honesty, and the spirit of giving that inspired its creation. With more than 80 years of collective experience, we are able to effectively serve the needs of Southern Arizona. With simple techniques, personalized advisement, and frequent communication, we maintain high standards for ourselves and our clients. We look forward to seeing you walk through our doors!


Grupo Constelación

The Monkey Bar, a New York restaurant famous for its jazz murals and bold atmosphere, has long been one of the favorite meeting places of the Catalina Investments team, so it’s no surprise that in 2013 one of the most important business decisions was made there. Conrad, Otto, and other partners realized that a better means through which to serve our Spanish speaking demographic was the next step for the company, so on a rainy day in April, Grupo Constelación was founded over a plate of fried oysters and a round of ginger ales.

Grupo Constelación. Catalina Investments. Two companies with one vision: to better serve the people of Southern Arizona. Our associates are people, just like you, who have their own interests, families, and hobbies. People have, and always will be, our priority. We understand the importance of trust and are dedicated to providing the best service possible, whatever your financial needs may be.